The latest version of JudoShiai is now 3.0

  • 30th January 2020


These can be downloaded from

NOTE: This version adds a color column to the categories table.
You cannot use the updated databases with older JudoShiai versions!
It is recommended to use a copy of an older database before opening it.

+ New command line program db-convert added. It converts a version 3.0 database
to version 2.9. This enables going back to an older JudoShiai version if
a bug is detected. Usage: Start console (program cmd). Type
C:\Program Files\JudoShiai64\bin\db-convert.exe contest.shi
You will have a new file contest-29.shi.
You may try to fix a corrupted file by using option -c:
C:\Program Files\JudoShiai64\bin\db-convert.exe -c contest.shi
You may have a new working file contest-0.shi, if you are lucky.
+ Farsi language added.
+ Bug fixes.

+ GBR version updated.
+ Categories can be colorized for easier observation.
+ Competitor import enhanced (thanks Felix):
– more columns
– quote character definition
– ignore optional header line